Holly Damico

The Lafayette Karate club was well represented at the 51st annual winter training camp in Greenville, Mississippi over the past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The weather was cold but the training kept us warmed up!  Weekend training camps are intensive and result in blisters and sore muscles, but those things […]

Greenville Camp

It is the perfect time to join our classes. With the beginning of a new school year, these freshly cleaned mats, and the completion of a testing cycle, it is the ideal time  to make our karate classes part of your schedule.

New School Year!

It was a great camp weekend with Sensei Mikami and karate participants from all over the region.   Sensei made sure we got plenty of repetitions, technical instruction, and practical application. Did I mention plenty of repetitions…?  Kyu belt results: Eric Trahan:  1st Kyu! Next stop, Shodan exam Meaghan Trahan: […]

Kyu belt results