New School Year! 1

It is the perfect time to join our classes. With the beginning of a new school year, these freshly cleaned mats, and the completion of a testing cycle, it is the ideal time  to make our karate classes part of your schedule.

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One thought on “New School Year!

  • concerned parent

    I have an 8 year old son with some sensory issues we’ve been fighting and trying to deal with. We’ve had him in OT and ST over the past few years, but now due to the cost he is just in ST. We got him tested for different learning disabilities, including Asperger’s, but the only thing that showed up was that he has ADHD, in which we subsequently have him on medication for that now. He is sort of “socially awkward” for his age, but is a very sweat kid, and likes to make believe play still (he loves dinosaurs and animals) . I’d like to think karate would help with some of his issues, but I’m worried he will be too behind his age group/class group. Is it too late to start him? I’m just trying to try different things with him, because so far sports aren’t working out for him. Thank you