A big congratulations to Meaghan Trahan on receiving her shodan!


Bryce, Dr. Holly, and I want to thank you for all your spirit and competition Saturday!  All of the collegiate competitors did a great job!  We want also to express our appreciation to the judges, (with valuable coaching), table workers, and volunteers.  Dimitri Papadopoulos and Lane Nevils had an excellent […]

A Successful Goodwill Tournament!

Get ready for Nationals everyone! Train extra hard and focus! Show your spirit in class by having a strong kiai, and say “OSS” when a sensei explains something so they know you’re listening and focused.

National Karate Championship

Congratulations to Eric Trahan on a successful black belt test! He trained hard  and diligently, and kept his focus with excellent spirit. Lafayette Karate Club’s newest Shodan!


The Lafayette Karate club was well represented at the 51st annual winter training camp in Greenville, Mississippi over the past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The weather was cold but the training kept us warmed up!  Weekend training camps are intensive and result in blisters and sore muscles, but those things […]

Greenville Camp

Congratulations to the following for a successful belt test! Meaghan Trahan – 2nd Kyu Brennan Blanchard – 8b Kyu Spencer Macko – 8th Kyu Ava Macko – 8th Kyu Ryan Macko – 8b Kyu Ryan Coleman – 8th Kyu Again, congratulations! Time to train even harder!

Belt Test Results